Monitoring SCCM 2012 via SCOM 2012

Monitoring SCCM 2012 via SCOM 2012.

Quick blog, but im going to go trough the setup that is needed in order for your opsmgr to monitor your confmgr site.
First of you can download the MP either via the Console itself ( as we did for SQL server in my previous SCOM blog ) or you can go to this URL

Easiest is via the console, but when you do that you don’t get the documentation included just the MP files.
So go the the Administration tab –> Management Packs –> choose the add button from catalog.

Here you can just type “Microsoft” in the search menu and all the available MPs from Microsoft will appear,
now I select those MPs I want to download and click OK.


I Also downloaded some Active Directory and other MPs for later preference.
After you have downloaded them you have to import them to OpsMgr.

SCCM 2012 consists of 4 files. So I’m going to import them.


So after I’ve imported them & they are installed I get a new monitoring view for (System Center Configuration Manager 2012)


For the Configuration Manager monitoring pack to discover objects, you must turn on Agent Proxy on every site server except for the primary site and the central administration site.
Then it might take some time before your CM components appear in the Opsmgr site.


After that is done, you can go back to the monitoring tab and choose under SCM 2012.
Hierarchy Diagram. This will give you a diagram over your SCCM site.


If you right click on one of the component servers and choose health explorer you can get a more detailed view of the OpsMgr monitors.



If we take a look at one of the components that OpsMgr monitors.


Lets see if it works properly, so head over to the Configmgr server and stop the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER and lets see if OpsMgr reports as it should.


And there we go, the OpsMgr alert triggered. So we go back to the ConfigMgr server and start the service again, the alert should auto resolve.

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  1. Hello Marius,

    Great article, thank you.
    There is one point that confuses me: you have said that «(NOTE IN ORDER FOR YOUR SITE TO REPORT TO OPSMGR YOU HAVE THE ENABLE THE SERVER TO ACT AS PROXY)». If this is SCCM’s site server [CAS/Primary] that should not be the case, since SCOM’s MP Guide [] says «For the Configuration Manager monitoring pack to discover objects, you must turn on Agent Proxy on every site server except for the primary site and the central administration site.»

    Seems that this is a small point that needs clarification in your article. What do you think?


    • Hi Tolga,

      Thanks for the comment! At the time of writing this article, that info was unknown to me :)
      Updated the post.

  2. Hi Marius,

    Thanks for your attention!


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