Ceh v8

I see alot of the people that visits my blog, are looking for information regarding Certified Ethical Hacker 8 ( ceh v8 )

I can see that so far not so much information has been released, except this Candidate Handbook. https://cert.eccouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/CEH-Candidate-Handbook-v1.6-13022012.pdf

If you have earned v7 you can upgrade this by taking the new exam. Send a mail to certmanagerATeccouncil.org and ask 🙂

The requirements are the same as before, that you needed atleast 2 years of IT security related work in order to take the exam if you haven’t taken the CEH course.

New topics in v8 is (as I can see so far )

  • Mobile communication, smart phones
  • Web 2.0
  • New tools and applications

Remember if you take this exam, you need to retake it within 3 years in order to maintain the certification. Of course there are other ways to maintain it ( look inside the  Handbook )

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My books of the week!

Most of my spare time goes to book reading (no I’m not a book worm ) But I can frankly say that I use a lot of time reading. Since im a big fan of certifications, the only books I actually read at Cert books / Study guides. ( I know there’s kindle & e books etc etc ) But I actually hate reading (walloftext) on a screen. And I think its a lot easier to go back and forth If you have a book.

Some of the books I’ve been reading the last couple of weeks are related to 2 Certifications. CCNP Security firewall (Cisco) And Ceh v7 (Certified Ethical Hacker EECouncil )

For those that don’t know these certifications I suggest you google them.

Ceh v7 book

CCNP Firewall

If you want to read abit about security I suggest you get the Ceh V7 book. Since the Cisco book is mostly about Cisco firewalls. Other books I can recommend is the Comptia security+ book, which Is a good entry level security cert.

PS: In case you want to study for one of these exams I suggest for the CCNP firewall that you buy on ASA box (either one of ebay or some other online store) and get familiar with the ASDM console.
For the Ceh V7 download virtual box and backtrack 5 (virtual edition) and start playing around.


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