Publishing vworkspace HTML 5 connector behind Citrix Netscaler

Since the release of vworkspace 8.5 I’ve been wanting to try out the HTML 5 connector properly! we have a lab enviroment where we have it deployed and it works amazingly fast inside the local network.

But… I also want it available from outside our local network, therefore I decided to publish it using our Netscaler. Now the HTML 5 connector from Dell is like the one on Storefront, it runs on top of the web access server and we can use that as an proxy to access applications and desktops.

Now initially I wanted to publish the connector using SSL offloading, meaning that users could access the HTML 5 connector on a SSL enabled vServer and that Netscaler would do the SSL processing and the web access server would get non encrypted traffic via port 80 but… when I got this up and running all I got was error messages.


Didn’t see alot of useful info in the logs as well which could lead me to the error.

2015-01-20 08:59:45.078 – 844 – RdpProxy – ERROR – Server exception.

System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

   at Freezer.Common.Utils.readAll(Socket socket, Byte[]& data) in d:\Build\349\vWorkspace\Elbling\Sources\SRC\Freezer\IIS\Freezer\Common\Utils.cs:line 121

   at Freezer.Common.SocketStateObject.handleSocket(Object o) in d:\Build\349\vWorkspace\Elbling\Sources\SRC\Freezer\IIS\Freezer\Common\RdpServer.cs:line 160

2015-01-20 08:59:45.078 – 4780 – UserStatecbf3bb31-bd6e-7cdf-5e50-f21fccda8e4 – DEBUG –

2015-01-20 08:59:45.078 – 1000 – UserStatecbf3bb31-bd6e-7cdf-5e50-f21fccda8e4 – DEBUG –

2015-01-20 08:59:45.078 – 1692 – UserState – DEBUG – RDP ProcessExited for: [id_1421740273901]

2015-01-20 08:59:45.078 – 1692 – UserState – DEBUG – RDP ProcessExited: Cleaning up for [id_1421740273901]

2015-01-20 09:00:14.828 – 144 – UserStatecbf3bb31-bd6e-7cdf-5e50-f21fccda8e4 – DEBUG – Message received: AS00000704:      handle_print_cache( 00DEE778 )

2015-01-20 09:00:14.828 – 144 – UserStatecbf3bb31-bd6e-7cdf-5e50-f21fccda8e4 – DEBUG – 00000704:     ignoring an UPDATE PRINTER event

What I did see on the other hand was that my browser which was running the JS did try to open a connection directly to 443

clientSide: wss:// (wss is SSL based websocket connection)

but since my web accesss server was running only on port 80 it didn’t work well. Therefore I changed the setup a bit. Instead of SSL offloading I tried with SSL bridging, so I moved the encryption back to the web access server and just used SSL multiplexing, which actually worked!

I’m guessing that the websocket connection requires the same port externally and internally, since I didn’t troubleshoot it anymore. So here Is a little clip of how fast the HTML5 connector for Dell vWorkspace is.

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Cortado Corporate Server 6.0

Cortoda is a company, which has focused on BYOD / MDM solutions. They have a Drop box-alike solution which I have blogged about earlier, called Cortado Workplace, an excellent HTML5 based solution.

They also have a product called Corporate Server which includes features like.
* HTML5 website for remote access to files and folders
* Ability for users to print documents directly from the web portal
* The ability to manage iOS and Android devices as a part of the MDM solution.
* You can also edit and open documents directly from the web portal.
* Ability to send files as e-mail directly from the portal
* Administrators can also change settings to the setup directly from a web console.

It has a lot of impressive features, so I’ve given it a test drive.
You can download a Corporate Server trial from Cortado’s website –>

NOTE: I don’t have an android or and iOS device (or a blackberry for that matter) so I’ve focused on reviewing the other features.

Requirements for Cortodo server are:
■ Cortado server
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
with 2 GB of free space on hard drive
• Windows service PRINT SPOOLER should not be disabled.
■ Internet Explorer 9 must not be installed. If necessary, please uninstall Internet
Explorer 9 and use Internet Explorer 8 instead.
■ SQL Server
• With the installation of Cortado Corporate Server, a Microsoft SQL Server
2008 R2 Express is installed. If you have it installed already, you need at least
an SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP1.

NOTE: You need to create an service account for when you install Cortado. This service account, requires local administrator rights on the installing server and a regular access in AD.
NOTE: You also need to allow Domain Users to run as a batch job via Group Policy, since Cortado automatically carries out all actions on behalf of the user.

The installation is pretty straight forward,
Now you might think why It needs OpenOffice? I believe it uses it to render the documents for online vieweing.
After you installed these you might need to restart a couple of times.

(First of you get a readiness check if your server doesn’t meet the requirements. )

Choose demo mode and press next –>


Choose WITH SQL Database,
(This will install an SQL Express on the local server)


Now after the components are finished installing (and a couple of restarts) you get to this configuration screen (You can start this by pressing the start button –> Cortado –> Configuration Assistant –>




On this part you should have your own public certificates for use. But since this is an internal lab I choose self-signed.



Now for the purpose of the install, I’ve created an service account named Cortado which I’m using for the installation.

After that you get a summary screen, then press Proceed.
And it will start configuring.


NOTE: I got an error during the configuration because I didn’t have the virtual computer connected to the internet. and during the configuration Cortado tried to download some HP printer drivers.


After that is done, remember to check the next steps and click Close.
Now we can enter the management console.


You can open the management console from the start meny or open a browser and point it to http://localhost:82/fw
(Depending on the SSL configuration you set)


Here you need to login with the service account you used during the installation.
And the site also check if caps lock is active or not Smile


This is the Management Console –>


Now what we are going to do now, is import a user from active directory (named bill) assign him a folder on a share and deploy some printers to him.



Now that I have imported a user, I can add a network drive to that user. And after that I’d add some printers as well, just the Microsoft XPS, and the NOVA Pdf option as I don’t have any physical printers in my test enviroment Smile
So for the regular user open a browser and open http://localhost/cortadoexplorer


Now as you can see the folders that I mapped up for the user bill appear,


I can also drag and drop new files into the website and they will get automatically uploaded.



And as I mentioned before I can open files directly in the browser, like PDF , DOCX etc.


And I have the option to print files directly to a printer which I as administrator can control Smile

Now I like the fact that the management console is purely HTML5 based, which allows me to do changes and such from any device (tablet alike)
I have only explored a little bit of the functions here, I try to write more about this product later.

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