Disaster Recovery As A Service ? Meet Azure

Microsoft has done a lot of work behind the concept «Cloud OS» which is a term for Windows Server 2012 and as the name implies it has a lot of integration to Azure.
As a standard function in Windows Server you have the ability to do backup directly to Azure (Using Windows Server Backup) you can also do this by using Data Protection Manager in Service Pack 1 or via Windows Server Essentials.
This allows you do automate backup jobs to Azure, but what is it missing?

Sure, you can backup data to Azure but you need a disaster recovery solution, which allows you to start up if your primary site dies.
Then meet Hyper-V Recovery Manager!

This is a new feature, which is in preview in Azure, which allows for automated and orchestrated replication of VMs from a hyper-v 2012 cluster to Windows Azure.
The ongoing asynchronous replication of each VM is provided by Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica and is monitored and coordinated by Hyper-V Recovery Manager and integrates with System Center Virtual Machine Manager SP1.

Right now this feature is not public available so if you cannot sign up for it
If you would like to be considered for this program please complete the Microsoft survey located here

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