Netflix and error w8156-c0262500

Quick post,

If you get this error message on Netflix using Windows 8 you need to remove Hyper-V, it is an issue with silverlight and hyper-v so haven’t found any other fixes yet.
So remove Hyper-V everything works!

7 thoughts on “Netflix and error w8156-c0262500

  1. Alex

    Didn’t work for me. Removed Hyper-V from Programs & Features but still getting W8156-C0262500 error. Do you know if Hyper-V is acturally removed from the computer when unticked in Program & Features?

  2. Alex

    Yes. First I was getting greyed out Hyper-V saying «Another hyperviser is already running». Installed and Uninstalled Hper-V in Safe Mode to get rid of it. Netflix still didn’t work. The good news is that I just got it working by manually disabling all the Hyper-V services.

    1. msandbu Innleggsforfatter

      Ahh okay, will update the post then. Im guessing some one else is having the same issues as you had :)

      1. msandbu Innleggsforfatter

        Services.msc -> Hyper-v services Virtual Machine Management might need to restart for it to function properly

  3. Tilbaketråkk: How To Fix Windows 8 Error W8156-c0262500 in Windows

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